Free pattern Valentine pouch

Hello ya'll lovelies! 
Happy (belated) new year to all of you! 
These past two months  have been so super busy. All with fun things thankfully. During Christmas holidays I didn't do much crochet as I was spending tons of quality time with my family. We all enjoyed it to the max. 
As I was thinking about what to give our girls for Valentines Day, I came up with these little pouches. They are really easy to crochet and you can make a bunch of them in no time. Stuff them with little sweets, chocolates, or a soap bar for example. The pattern which can be found down here (just scroll down), is written in Dutch, English UK and English US. 
Have much fun creating them. If you share them on Instagram I would love it when you use the hashtag #crochetvalentinepouch That way I can see them (only if your account is open!) and so I can share them in my stories.

The yarn that I've used for this pouch is Durable Coral and Durable Glam.
Pattern Dutch:
Je haakt twee lapjes. Voor de voorkant…

Free pattern Christmas Bells squares

Did I tell you that Christmas is my absolute favourite time of the  year? I just can´t help myself. Even though the wet and cold weather is really bad for my Fibromyalgia, I have noticed that the spirit and magic of Christmas always gives me restored energy and keeps my spirit happy. So as I am watching tons of Christmas movies I am also designing all kinds of new Christmas designs. And since Christmas is a time of giving, I have decided to share all the designs that I am making this month for free. So yes, here is another free design. 
The kids decided that we needed a Christmas blanket. But ofcourse one in the colours which we all like so much and fits our home. I came up with these Christmas Balls squares to make us a Christmassy but also colourful blanket. The yarn that I´ve used is Missisippi 3 from Katia Yarns. The golden yarn is the Glam from Durable
I want to share the pattern of these squares with you, so you can make yourself a blanket too. Or may be a cushion? Just scrol…

Free Christmas Crochet pattern - Christmas lights

As my mind is going insane with so many Christmas crochet patterns ideas that are closed up in my mind and which all desperatly want to come out, I have decided to put the pattern of the lighs up! I can´t believe how many of you asked about this pattern really. It is super duper easy! And I ofcourse am really happy and grateful about all the wonderful comments and likes on Instagram. Thank you for that from the bottom of my heart! Simply scroll down to find the pattern in the terms you prefer.  It´s there in Dutch, English US and Engish UK. 😍💖
What do you need for this pattern?
I have used European hooksize 3 and the yarn GLAM from Durable. You can find the yarn here
The pattern
Toer 1:12stk in een magische ring. Sluit met een hv. .Toer 2: 2stk in de eerste twee steken, 2hstk in de volgende vier steken, (1stk, 1dstk, 1stk) in de volgende steek, 2hstk in de volgende vier steken, 2stk in de volgende steek. Sluit met een hv. Toer 3:1v in de volgende 13 steken, 1hstk, 1v in de volgen…

Free Christmas crochet pattern - small Christmas stockings

As promised the free pattern of these cute little Christmas stockings. You could use them as ornaments in the Christmas tree. In Dutch, English and UK terms. Just scroll down to find the language that you prefer. Make sure to change colours each row. Except for the first 4 rows and the heel. End each row with a sl.stitch. I´ve used hooksize 2,5 (european size)
Yarn that I´ve used:
° Durable Glam 203 Light pink
° Durable Glam 2137 Mint
° Durable Glam 2172 Cream
° Durable Glam 279 Light - Blue
Durable Coral 310 White

Toer 1: 12stk in een magische ring (12) Toer 2: 2stk in elk stokje (24) Toer 3: 1stk in elk stokje (24) Toer 4: 1stk in elk stokje (24) Toer 5 t/m 8 : 1hst in elk stokje (24)
De hiel:  Hecht aan met wit waar je net bent geeindigd en haak 12 stokjes. *1 keerlosse en haak terug weer 12 stokjes*. Herhaal *..* nog drie keer. Je hebt nu vijf toeren van 12 stokjes. Keer de hiel binnenste buiten en naai het uiteinde dicht zoals op de foto. 

Toer 9: 26v rondom. (het trekt nu een beet…

Book review Delicious Crochet Shawls and GIVE AWAY


MASCHA LOOIJE! Congrats!! Please send me an email at

A while back I´ve gotten this super exciting email from one of my Instagram friends, Lisa Cook. Lisa had made her very own crochet book! I was super happy for her, since her patterns are amazing and altho we have never met in rl, She seems to be a very genuine woman who has an amazing talent for designing crochet patterns. So when she asked me if I would like to be part of her book celebrations tour, I said yes immediatly. 
When her publisher TUVA send me the book to review I was over the moon excited. This book contains 21! gorgeous crochet shawls. The pictures and the patterns look so graceful. Tuva already published many wonderful crochet books and they were right to publish a book with Lisa. They both did an awesome job. You will find Tuva here on Instagram.

I am pretty sure that you will have a hard time deciding which scarf to crochet first. I know I did! 
The patt…

The YLA Box!

At the beginning of this month the first ever YLA Box arrived at my doorstep. As I was over the moon excited I made a little movie on IGTV. You can find it on my Instagram profile which can be found here!
Everything was wrapped in paper with the colour gold. I soon came to know that the designer of this months box was Lisanne Multem. Lisanne is known from the Blog Draad en praat. Lisanne has written two crochet books and she recently launched her own magazine! Isn´t that just awesome? If you would like to see more of her and her work, you can find her Instagram account here.
As I was only thinking about the video at that moment and beeing in full excitement, I totally forgot to take pictures of everything that was inside. So if you´re curious, just take a peek at my video over at IGTV. Thankfully I´ve got other pictures as well, just not from the unboxing.

In the box were three balls of yarn from Scheepjes. Stonewashed XL. It is really soft and strong. The theme of this box was Cactu…

New project: The Cotton Candy Scarf

Hello wonderful people! How have you been? All has been good on this side of the laptop. The weather has been poorly this past week, but since today it's getting way better. So when I'm done writing this Blog, I'm off to go and enjoy some outside crochet. 
On Instragram I have been sharing some sneak peeks of one of the new projects which I recently started. 

Some of you already started speculating about what it would be. And no! It's not going to be another blanket. It's a scarf! And it will be called The Cotton Candy Scarf! Right now I am working on writing the pattern and hopefully next week my Fabulous Testers will be doing the testing part! 

Here is the scarf which is already finished. I am now working on another one, but in a different colour. 

When this pattern is finished I will be finishing up another pattern which I am working on.. Remember the pink backpack? I will be finishing up this project and writing the pattern very soon! 

Have a wonderful day dea…